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Anonymous said: your not gay right.
Males have a chance still or no.

Im bi

Anonymous said: have u ever done something with a girl?

Hell yea

Anonymous said: What highschool did angie graduate from?
And what is the last color bathing suit she wore.

Um stalker and kind of creepy there

Anonymous said: Eres muy hermosa. Y me encantaría hacer el amor apasionado a usted en la playa bajo el sol.
Im rusty
Do you have a skype acc?

Lol nope i dont

Anonymous said: Angie Varona
Hot or not?

Lol hot as hell

Anonymous said: And what do you want to be when you grow up?
Besides an internet sensation ;)
And can you speak spanish?

Uhm im not sure and yes i can

Anonymous said: Meagan Good.


Anonymous said: blk look for that.
And i guess il ask are you a party animal?


Anonymous said: Dwayne wade


Put a celebrity in my ask, and I’ll tell you if they’re “hot” or “not”.

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